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The RCA Corporation was a major American electronics company, which was founded as the Radio Corporation of America in 1919. It was initially a patent trust owned by General Electric (GE), Westinghouse, AT&T Corporation and United Fruit Company. In 1932, RCA became an independent company after the partners were required to divest their ownership as part of the settlement of a government antitrust suit.

The brand left environmental damage as shown at RCA's Wikipedia page, "A former RCA facility in Taiwan's northern county of Taoyuan (now Taoyuan City) polluted groundwater with toxic chemicals and led to a high incidence of cancer among former employees. The area was declared a toxic site by the Taiwanese Environmental Protection Agency. GE and Thomson spent millions of dollars for cleanup, removing 10,000 cubic yards (7,600 m3) of soil and installing municipal water treatment facilities for neighboring communities. A spokesman for RCA's current owners denied responsibility, saying a study conducted by the Taiwan government showed no correlation between the illnesses and the company's facilities, which shut down in 1991. On April 17, 2015, RCA lost the case and the Taipei District Court ordered RCA's current owners to compensate its former employees with a total of NT$560 million (approximately USD18.1 million).


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Current Employee - USPS RCA says

"Must be on call 24/7 without pay. Hard work no recognition for it. Not that great i call of pay for the work you have to do."

Current Employee - USPS RCA says

"no effective communication, low wage for the amount of work"

Current Contractor - Rural Carrier Associate RCA says

"Over worked, hard on body, have to use your own vehicle sometimes, bad for your mental, high stress environment, barely get a break, no A/C in postal vehicles, and just overall bad for your health. Oh yeah and high turn over and have to work 90 actual calendar WORKING DAY to finish probation period."

Current Employee - USPS RCA says

"Management is incompetent, they don't value employees at all, they threaten to terminate you if you report an injury on the job"

Current Employee - Rca says

"My office offers very little training"

Current Employee - Rca says

"postmaster, hours, dirty, no life balance"

Current Employee - Rca says

"Long work days and hours"

Former Employee - Rca says

"I was continually harassed and observed others being continually harassed as well. The office has become an intolerable place to work. It was not this way when I was hired - Now no one under this lady (Portia Thomas) is valued or respected."

Former Employee - Rca says

"Everything, Antiquated vehicles, always breaking down, Severely outdated internal processes and equipment."

Current Employee - Rca says

"Poor management, to much drama in the office, favoritism"

City Letter Carrier (Former Employee) says

"All I can say to some it up, is that it was a hostile work environment, I've witnessed things I have never seen in the private sector and you just have to find out for yourself. Salary however the private sector comes close and is moving more towards what you make here, however after about 12 years you are pretty much maxed out.Aggressive and hostile management."

Rural Carrier Associate (Former Employee) says

"horrible experience i had at south county st louis MO! i used they are 24 hour shipping.. it delivered 1 day late and they r refusing to refund my shipping cost. i am very disappointed... they dont even deserve one star.NoneNone"

Retail Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Work-life balanceWork-life balance at United States Postal Service is none. Understaffed... overworked & underpayed. If you’re a self starter it’s not your place. As a clerk I was overworked & deal with lazy coworkers & rude customers all day. No gratitude from management only grief."

Postal Service Employee Mail Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"they don't care about you if you're not a career employee. the career employees get away with anything. management is terrible. the workers treat you any kind of way."

Mail Handler Assistant (Former Employee) says

"You are just a number to them. If you don't value your life this place is perfect for you. Management never knows what's going on. Unorganized. The few employees that work will get over worked. The few that don't will get a free pass to do what they want.Vending machinesall the overtime you didnt ask for"

City Carrier (Current Employee) says

"Production is bad no one cares what their doing and passing the buck to other people .. managers are clueless people that couldn’t make it in their original crafts and think they can manage others! Poor equipment vehicles, no hand trucks, over packed vehicles with parcels unsafe... NoneManagement, workers that take up space with no intention to earn their pay!"

Mail Handler (Current Employee) says

"Very unorganized, hectic, and stressful. The company treats its employees as if we are machines and not people. They will work you like a slave and don't care about your personal/family obligations."

CCA- City Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Treated like a robot. Worked all weekends. frequently called in on day off.facilities frequently out or broken due to not paying bills.Postmasters aren't managers.union to protect you from psycho magement firingsno quality of life."

Mail Carrier (Former Employee) says

"No weekends and if you have kids you will not have time for them and you is treated like trash plus the managers and supervisors think there better than you."

Mail Carrier (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke the lady who works at this location is nothing but a nark if you tell her anything she turns you in and makes you get in trouble. My boss could care less as long as the work gets done.The people treats you really bad thats why I had to leave.nothingwatch your back and what you say"

CCA (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors treat you bad. You work like a slave. You can start in the wee hours of the morning and still not go home until 8-9 at night... over worked. No work life balance. They expect you to put the job before your kids and family. It just overall sucksOk moneyOver worked"

MHA (Current Employee) says

"When you push in for work you automatically become a working slave for eight hours. You have to beg for a fifteen minute break and thirty minute lunch break. And don't think going home on time with a last fifteen minutes break at the end of the shift.A check after two weeks.Slave labor"

Mail Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. Poor moral. Management are poorly trained. Lack of organizational skills from management. Management does not have employee engagement meetings because they don't care if you advance in the company. Not properly compensated for the physical labor, long hours, and only one day off a week. You're worked like a robot. Management are not professional. If they are mad with you, they cut your hours and/or assign undesirable work. This company allows you to work for them 5+ years as a non career employee and you are not eligible for any retirement plan, Thrift saving plan...NOTHING but horrible insurance and the dental plan only covers cleanings and x-rays.Meet nice customers occasionallyNo benefits except terrible health insurance for non career employees, no flexibility"

Rural Carrier Associate (Former Employee) says

"there's 3 unions minimum in every post office. If you aren't in the city carrier union, you're less than dirt. Upper management (above the post office level- Detroit) has no business being in charge of a popsicle stand, let alone a region of the postal service. They have problems reading and following the contract.there are nonetoo many to mention"

City Carrier Assistant (CCA) says

"Work-life balance is nonexistent, it’s all work. You start out as a CCA are out wherever they need you. Management treats you poorly and asking for a day off is impossible. If you enjoy overtimeIf you hate overtime"

PSE Mail Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I was a PSE clerk and the clerks in Distribution are nothing but a bunch of wolves. If you do a better and faster job then them they will hate you and get everyone to agree to get rid of you. The name calling and Swearing was enough for me. if you complain the union wont stick up for you if you are on probation. The hrs are crazy 12:30- 11:00 am 12 hrs a day 6 days a week Working Sundays so you cant go to church. Just mean people to deal with. Pay rateworkers suck and no time for yourself"

Mail Hansler (Former Employee) says

"The most toxic work environment I have ever experienced in my 30+ years of working. They promote the inept and the good workers get no compensation.NoneEverything"

Letter Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Unless you start at age 25 and work until you’re dead, forget it.You have no life. Literally, there’s no time to do ANYTHING. You will stress your family relationships to the breaking point.If you we’re making 100k a year, maybe you can justify it but, for little more than minimum wage, nope.Lose weightBeaten to a pulp"

Letter Carrier (Current Employee) says

"Management will lie and prevent a person from being awarded an upper level position or detail...No room for advancement. Older people need to retire...The work place violence is real and the adult co workers are bullies and extremely unprofessional. I would not apply here as a carrier, we do the most work, drive in 100 degree trucks daily, WE only get a 30min lunch after being in the heat all day. It s not worth it!None"

City Carrier Asst (Former Employee) says

"Management sets you up to fail everyday , the most dishonest people ive ever worked with in my entire life ,oakwood station should be audited cause they constantly lie to workers and customers,and you are just a number ,not a person with a brain ,ignorant people work for the post office!you lose alot of weight, overtimethey treat you very badly, they work against you not with you"

Janice Kelly says

"I have been in Danvers twice. Once during COVID. They did not follow protocol... nor were they willing... i begged them as I I needed care. They advertise they are five star rating which is far from the truth. They placed cdc and who protocols that they did in no way follow... they gave these patients a false sense of security... there were several “symptomatic” COVID patience and still nothing... I didn’t want to leave but the conditions made it untenable... off record staff told me to leave was the right thing... they didn’t care... they couldn’t get rid of me fast enough... they portray these great facilities but that is not the case.. they are understaffed.. coodos to those that serve... it is a sham and a front for insurance money... there were so many people there being underserved... god bles to those that are there that don’t know any different... I am a highly educated person... but I know right from wrong... this place is a scam..."

Vicki Dawson says

"Literally held me hostage by not letting me to use a phone to get out of there! I finally was able to get past the aids and made a scene in the main lobby was I then able to use a phone. They knew I wanted to get out of there for two days and because of getting high pay for my insurance company, wouldn't let me call him to get me. P.S. Some of the staff are outright ghetto. Worst place I've been to put of 5. It's the Grace of God that I'm in recovery."

Melissa says

"I sent my husband there to receive treatment, I was told the cost was going to be 8,000.it was an out of network facility with our insurance. They took my credit info and then every week there was an appeal with our insurance company. The 3rd week they told me that the insurance had denied and that my husband had to leave. I spoke with our insurance company and the facility never put in an appeal. I spoke to Angela there who told me they would try for one.then i also called her back after speaking with the appeals department to tell her what they said to me and beg her to put in for the appeal and what she had to do for it to go through. She never called back. The next day I called again and tried to talk to her about it and she said she couldn't speak with me per my husband. I explained I just wanted to tell her about insurance. 2 hours later my husband was pulled out of group and sent packing because he wouldnt sign more paperwork stating he would be responsible for another 6000. Bottom line is they should be there to help not be so worried about money!!! The insurance would have paid if they did their jobs!"

keith lawrence says

"I recently posted a review for Recovery Centers of American Danvers about my horrible experience I had there. Less than 24 hours later I received a call from a woman asking why I had put the review up. I told her it was obviously to let people know my experience and how unhappy I was with the place. She didn't care about anything else. She didn't ask about my well being and was actually kind of rude. She cut the conversation short because she had a "meeting" to attend and would call me back as soon as she could. I don't know why she would bother calling when she knew she had not a lot of time to talk or resolve anything. This was going on two weeks ago and no word back. I guess even though they have opened under new management it is still just about the money in their pockets rather than the care of the patients. Because of their negligence i have an almost $1700 ambulance bill that is in collections because of being sent out. I have insurance and that is all covered, but I guess it is time to take my attonery's advice an persue action. Once again, extremely disappointed."

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